About Us

Our History

Oct. 2017 ⇒ Birth of the idea

Dec. 2017 ⇒ Start of the project work

Feb. 2018 ⇒ Scientific collaboration with L’Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris

May 2018 ⇒ Integration within Wilco Healthcare accelerator, promotion S2 2018

July 2018 ⇒ Kee Lab joins the Agoranov incubator

Our Partners

The Team

Fanny SOCKEEL is CEO and co-founder of Kee Lab.
Graduated from Audencia Nantes Business School, she spent 12 years in several consulting firms working in organization and operational strategy.

Stéphane SOCKEEL is CTO and co-founder of Kee Lab.
Graduated from École Normale Supérieure de Cachan, Stéphane completed his doctorate in neuroscience. He pursued his postdoctoral research in neuroimaging in Montreal.

Marie SOCKEEL is a medical consultant and co-founder of Kee Lab.
Formerly an intern of Paris hospitals, Marie is a specialist in anatomo-cytopathology and now practices in the private sector.


Stéphane SOCKEEL, PhD

Medical Consultant